Cost of Pike Streetcar System, Street Improvements to Exceed $260 Million

Hello Yupette,

I hope you've been following developments in the Pike streetcar system planning process.

As things stand now, the cost of the Pike's street improvements will approximately equal the cost of the streetcar system. That is, the streetcar system will cost $130 million for 10-14 streetcars. Improvements to the Pike to support the streetcar system will cost $70 million and the Washington Blvd. bridge will cost $60 million.

Only a few months ago, we were told that the total cost of the Pike streetcar system would be $160 million.

Apparently the County Board will pay for all this from the surtax on business real estate, which provides the County Board with about $40 million annually to be used for new transportation projects.

Whether other pressing transportation needs are addressed remains to be seen. The County Board has committed to building another streetcar system in Crystal City.

Mark, 22204