County Board to Build $45 million Multipurpose Activity Center Next to Aquatic Center

Hello, Yupette,

Talk here at PRCR is that the County Board gave Parks and Recreation the go-ahead to build a 90,000 square foot (2 acres of floorspace) multipurpose activity center next to the Aquatic Center.

As presently planned, the building would contain basketball courts, squash courts, racquetball courts, a free weight room, a Nautilus room, exercise rooms, yoga rooms, saunas, and so on. Plans are still being discussed with the County Board. Mr. Tejada wants the building to be considerably larger to allow indoor soccer, and he's making promises to the Latino community that they will be able to play soccer year-around if he's re-elected.

The projected cost of a 90,000 square foot activity center is about $45 million. The Aquatic Center will cost another $50-55 million. About $35 million from the 2004 bond issue has already been spent on Longbridge Park. So figure $130 million or so for everything. And add another $20 million if Mr. Tejada gets his way.

This will be discussed with the County Board at a CIP meeting after November 8th, so nothing is final.

Parks and Rec Dude