Audrey Clement is Clearly the Best County Board Candidate

Hello, Yupette,

I attended the Lyon Village Civic Association's candidate debate last night. It seemed to me that the only candidate that wasn't for more of the same old that's gotten Arlington mired in traffic congestion, school overcrowding, and mega-development that's of, by, and for developers is Audrey Clement.

Dr. Clement wants the County Board to grow up, set priorities, (first is adequately addressing school overcrowding) and bring the problems caused by mega-development under control.

I was shocked to hear a Lyon Village resident describe the shambles that weekend revelers make of Mary Hynes's own neighborhood. I was dismayed by Walter Tejada's priorities - funding the hugely expensive Longbridge aquatic-recreation complex - projected to cost $130-$145 million for soccer fields, aquatic center, and multi-use recreation facility / soccer arena.

It was refreshing to hear Dr. Clement's 'fund basic needs first' approach to county government. That's EXACTLY what Arlington County needs. Audrey Clement has my vote on November 8th.

Ken, Lyon Village