Cherrydale Debate - Hynes Evasive About Libraries, Firefighters, Traffic Ordinance Enforcement

Hello, Yupette,

Another candidates' debate, more evasions by Mary Hynes about basic needs. Walter Tejada did not appear. As at previous debates, Ms. Hynes was asked about full funding for Arlington's public library system and restoration of hours and librarians. Same Mary Hynes who voted at Tuesday night's County Board meeting to spend $425,000 for one piece of public art for Penrose Square (check out agenda item 28). Same Mary Hynes who also voted on Tuesday for a major "Christmas on October" gift to the Boeing Corporation (check out agenda item 43). She again gave evasive answers about full library funding. Audrey Clement: 'Libraries are an essential public service, fund the libraries".

Mary's platitiudes, promises, lack of commitment to basic needs, and failure to remedy the problems she and the County Board created are causing serious concerns in neighborhoods like Cherrydale. Unlike Audrey Clement, she would not commit to immediate enforcement of neighborhood traffic ordinances (as the debates ended a resident of the assisted living facility near the fire station was hit by a vehicle while crossing Lee Highway in a motorized wheelchair). She became enraged when asked by the President of the Cherrydale Civic Association whether the County would allow two members of the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department to bunk with the paid firefighters in Fire Station 3, responding that it was an unfair question and she would have to 'check out the site plan' first. Audrey Clement's response to the same question: "No problem".

It's obvious that Mary Hynes is extremely comfortable making major commitments to out-of-state developers but refuses to make even minor commitments to improve the quality of life for Arlington residents, taxpayers, and voters. So I'm voting for Audrey Clement.

In a related debate, Caren Merrick became fed up with County Board member, and Cherrydale infrastructure procrastinator, Barbara Favola's repeated playing of the abortion and firearms cards and told it like it is about Barbara - a politician who wants to be elected to wage a jihad against the Republicans in Richmond. Oh, in case you're interested, neither Merrick nor Favola mentioned the phrase 'family planning'.

Thanks for your blog.