Clement Repeatedly Warned Hynes About Dangerous Overcrowding in Metro Stations

Hello, Yupette,

I live in Lyon Park and commute to work via Metro. Also use Metro to get downtown on weekends. Again this past weekend the Metro Center station was dangerously overcrowded. County Board candidate Audrey Clement has repeatedly warned WMATA Board member and County Board member Mary Hynes about dangerous Metro station overcrowding, especially when there is an emergency situation. Most recently at the Lyon Park candidates' forum last week.

No doubt about it, Metro station overcrowding is a disaster waiting to happen. When Audrey Clement raises this issue with Mary Hynes during candidates' debates all we hear from Ms. Hynes are platitudes.

Why this insane spending of $200 million for an unnecessary Pike trolley when Arlington's Metro stations need emergency stairs and exits right now?

Linda, Lyon Park