Clement Won CivFed Debate

Hello Yupette,

I attended the Civic Federation County Board Candidates debate this evening at W-L High School.

It's obvious that Arlington voters will have a choice this year - more of the same with Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada, or a change to 'back to basics' with Audrey Clement.

I will vote for Audrey Clement.

It's also obvious that Audrey is about positive change and Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada are for more of the same, aka "Don't Worry, be Happy, the County Board Knows What's Best for You".

I don't want the stupid and outrageously expensive Zimmerman Trolley. I don't want a County where the entire middle class has been "gentrified out". I don't want a County where 500 homeless humans wander the streets while the needs and wants of the canine population are addressed. I don't want a county that's so paralyzed by gridlock in 2016 that everyone HAS to walk or ride a bicycle. I don't want a County Board that's in the pockets of developers.

Audrey Clement was eminently sensible tonight. All I heard from Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes were platitudes.

Audrey Clement is the best candidate. I'm voting for her, and only for her, on November 8th.