Clement Won Yorktown Debate

Hello, Yupette,

Audrey Clement did it again tonight. Beat Mary Hynes hands down (Nada Tejada didn't bother attending).

Appears Mary and the County Board are getting even more irrational about the Pike streetcar, because now they want an expensive bus rapid transit system installed before installing an expensive streetcar system. Perhaps that's because Alexandria has always wanted BRT rather than a streetcar system. Or, maybe Arlington Democrats took a poll and discovered that Pike Corridor residents don't want a streetcar system.

Dr. Clement also lectured WMATA Board member Hynes about tonight's near-panic in the Rosslyn Metro station because of an apparent suicide attempt by a passenger at the Clarendon Metro station. It appears Metrorail's emergency station evacuation procedures are a mess, but what else is new at WMATA?

Oh, Audrey said it's time for VDOT to "grow up" about I-66 and Northern Virginia transportation planning and abandon its "shoot, fire , ready" approach. She's also for establishing an inspector general office in Arlington that would establish whether the County Board's budget priorities are rational.

As for Mary Hynes, except for her irrational endorsement of a BRT-streetcar system it was more of the same "don't worry...be happy...the County Board knows what's best" that we've seen all campaign season.

Cindy, 22207