Janet Howell for State Senate


The redrawn 32nd Senate District includes ten precincts in North Arlington. The 32nd includes Rt 50, I-66, Washington Boulevard, and Rt 29. The district also includes Metrorail's Orange Line and the East Falls Church Metro station. So transportation decisions made in Richmond have and will have a significant impact on the quality of life on Arlington residents who live in the 32nd District.

We blame bi-partisan Rail-to-Dulles, BRAC, and high-growth boosters for Arlington's infrastructure problems. That includes the leaders of the major political parties. They want growth, but they don't want to pay for sufficient infrastructure concomitant with growth. We fault both Janet Howell and Patrick Forrest for their immature and irrational approach to transportation funding. Not surprising since their fellow Republican and Democratic legislators exhibit the same behavior.

We, therefore, endorse Janet Howell based upon her concerns for human needs and human rights. Patrick Forrest has a lengthy resume' based on assignments and junkets during his service with the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard in the Bush Administration. He opposes women's rights to make their own healthcare decisions. He opposes organized labor. He is not only anti-privacy, he supported the worst abuses of the Patriot Act by the Bush Administration, abuses that only ended when President Obama took office.

Consequently, we endorse Janet Howell for re-election to the Virginia State Senate.

Cindy and Susan