South Arlington Residents Furious About County Board's Boeing Deal

Hello Yupette,

Like many South Arlington residents who live in the I-395 corridor I was furious that the County Board approved the Boeing site plan over the unanimous opposition of the Planning Commission and Transportation Commission. This office complex will put more than 3,000 more vehicles on 395 and the Parkway every weekday, most single-occupant. The County Board will also spent another $50 million for an aquatic center and $65 million for a massive multi-purpose recreation center designed to serve Boeing's employees. According to the County Staff I've spoken to, the County Board could care less about Arlington residents and taxpayers, but is looking for more mega-deals to totally urbanize Arlington County.

Arlington residents should also be aware that the County Board is in secret negotiations with WalMart for a mixed-use redevelopment of the industrial site north of Shirlington Village, which would generate at least 5,000 vehicle trips per day, most on I-395.

Finally, the County Board is also in secret negotiations with several real estate investment trusts to tear down the 10 floor buildings that have been abandoned by the federal government and contractors because of BRAC 133 and wants to replace them with 20-30 floor mixed use office buildings. Maybe 600 parking spaces under every building.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough. I'm voting for fiscal and environmental sanity on November 8th. I'm voting for Audrey Clement and ONLY Audrey Clement for County Board.

anon. S 35th St.