Developers to Dictate Crystal City Mega-Development

Hello Yupette,

Out-of-state developers (e.g., Vornado) and their out-of-state law firms (e.g., Venable) got together with non-resident County Staff (e.g., CPHD Director Robert Brosnan) to re-codify the Crystal City zoning ordinance amendments to provide for block-by-block redevelopment of Crystal City, rather than through a previously agreed upon phased development site plan. Maximum density will vary from block to block, with no maximum density established by the County Board. This Christmas gift for Vornado is going to the Planning Commission on November 28th and to the County Board on December 10th for rubber-stamp approval. Check out agenda Item 38 on the County Bord's November 19th agenda, including a video discussion via the County's Web site.

BTW, no one from Crystal City, Aurora Hills, or Arlington Ridge bothered to show up on Saturday when this item was discussed by the County Board.