Euille, Wash Post Company, Chamber of Commerce, Local Media Push Alexandria Mega-Development

Hello, Yupette,

Latest news from Alexandria is the Mayor-Developer Bill Euille, the Washington Post Company, the local media (Alexandria Times, Gazette-Packet), and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce are pushing for massive redevelopment of Alexandria's waterfront over the increasingly vocal objections of the Citizens for An Alternative Alexandria (CAAW). Battle is between pro-megadevelopment corporations like the Post Company and citizens who are looking to keep Old Town Alexandria a liveable community (waterfront parks, museums, citizen access to the Po5omac River). The Post Company is pushing for megadevelopment to compensate for lagging revenue from its media operations. Local weekly newspapers, like the Times and Gazette-Packet, are recovering from years of depressed advertising revenues and concur with the Post. As usual, there is no philanthropy or any sense of noblesse oblige evidenced by any of the corporate waterfront property owners.