Citizens Share County Board's Skepticism About Artisphere's Finances

Hello Yupette,

I generally support the performing arts and I'm happy to see the County Manager's Office reorganized the Artisphere's management and implemented a new business plan. But I can't understand why the performing arts community can't make the Artisphere totally non-profit and self-sustaining. These are the same upscale people who raised $60,000 in one evening for dogs and cats.

It's my understanding that at least two more large live theater buildings will be constructed in North Arlington, one in the area near Courthouse Plaza and the other on the site where the Arlington Funeral home is presently located.

If the County Board is skeptical about the Artisphere's long-term viability why not ask the performing arts community to give the Artisphere the financial assistance it needs to succeed? That's only fair to the taxpayers who have endured several years of poor Artisphere planning and management.