Kelly, Arlington Republicans Moving to the Right

Hello Yupette,

More than 4,300 Arlington voters (and it appears that many who voted are Independents) turned out on a miserable day to participate in the Democratic Caucus.

But what about the Arlington Republican Party and it's candidate for County Board, Mark Kelly?

Mark is no longer employed by the Heritage Foundation. He now works on the Hill as Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Tim Huelskamp. Congressman Huelskamp is a Tea Party Republican who is way to the right of the Republican leadership in the House. He represents the 1st Congressional District of Kansas.

So what kind of legislation is Congressman Huelskamp sponsoring? An amendment to the 2012 Defense Department Appropriations Act that would prohibit Navy Chaplains from performing same-sex marriages. A bill that would prohibit the NRLB from certifying labor elections. An omnibus agricultural bill that would remove most EPA restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, pesticides, and particulates.

Oh, although Congressman Huelskamp doesn't want any restrictions on gun ownership, he hasn't sponsored a bill defunding ATF - yet.

So that's who Mark Kelly works for now. Thanks for your blog.