Enhanced Pike Bus Service - Same Level of Service as Pike Streetcars at 1/5 the Cost

Hello Yupette:

If you haven't seen WMATA's analysis of enhanced bus vs. streetcar service costs and benefits, you should go to and click on 'View the February Community Group Presentations' under Pike Transit Initiative.

For just over $50 million spent on higher capacity buses we can get about the same level of transit service on the Pike as we would by paying $250 million for streetcars. WMATA should analyze the economics of double-deck buses as well as so-called articulated buses.

Moreover, with enhanced bus service on the Pike there would be money left over for expanding the ART Bus network and for other new transportation projects. It appears the Pike streetcar system would consume all the revenue from the commercial property surtax that's supposed to fund new transit projects.

Zimmerman's Pike streetcar is all about massive development along the Pike, not about efficiently and effectively moving people. Why else would the County pay 5 times more than it needs to spend for public transit on the Pike.

Enough wasteful spending is enough. I'm going to send Zimmerman a strong message by voting for Audrey Clement on March 27th. You should too.

Pike Rider