Garvey, School System, Are Anti-Environment, Anti-Green

Hello, Yupette,

Want to know how 'green' and 'environmentally friendly' Libby Garvey, the School Board, and School Administration are? Well, they're not. Just check out their 'capacity planning' drawings on the School System's capacity Web

What you will see are architectural renderings of Libby Garvey's and the School System's preferred plans for Arlington's elementary schools...more of the same kind of energy inefficient and anti-green 'planning' that gave us W-L High School. More parking. More focus on educational amenities rather than classroom learning. More turning green space into impervious surface. No apparent interest in on-site renewable energy, at least none is depicted on the architectural renderings. Extravagant spending on schools that are not over-capacity - e.g., Abingdon School.

Like W-L and Wakefield, it appears that school capacity planning was a result of interactions among the School Board, School Administration, the School System's pet architects, and the School Board's pet 'community leaders'. It was interesting to note - during the meeting at Reed School last night - how many parents and residents who don't have children in the school system are 'out of the loop'.

So, more green charades from Libby and the School Board. Any action Libby would take to be 'independent' of Zimmerman on the County Board would be purely coincidental to their shared status quo agenda.