Greens, Parents, Ask for a Comprehensive Bicycle, Pedestrian, Skateboard, Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Hello Yupette,

I almost hit an adult who was dressed from head to toe in black and ran a stop sign on his racing bicycle last night. I understand the Green Party is also concerned about this, and is urging the County to begin a comprehensive safety program for our streets, roads, sidewalks, and bicycle trails.

There are about 150 reported bicycle and pedestrian injuries every year in Arlington County. That's way, way too many. I want to see the police ticketing bicyclists who run stop signs. I want to see bicyclists and others who are on the streets and roads wearing safety vests. I want to see the County Board's pet bicycle groups promoting safety, rather than just putting more bicycles on the street.

Speaking of streets, they are becoming hazardous to both bicycles and pedestrians who have to cross them. When do they get re-paved? After a billion dollars worth of unnecessary transportation, entertainment, and sports projects are constructed?

Joan, 22204