January 31st County Board Meeting Re-Affirms County Board's Massive Gentrification Agenda


The County Board held a 'work session' with the County Manager on January 31st at the office of Arlington Economic Development on Glebe Road.

A.Y. obtained a copy of the internal agenda / redevelopment blueprint for this meeting (there were 20 pages of handouts). Copies of the handouts are available by calling the County Board offices at 228-3130.

The internal agenda confirms that the County Board is committed to a massive redevelopment / gentrification agenda for the rest of this decade. The County Board is also committed to keeping non-resident Economic Development and CPHD Staff in control of the 'planning' process, aided by County Board-appointed neighborhood 'facilitators'.

The County Board is pushing for major redevelopment of Shirlington / Four Mile Run, Lee Highway, and Courthouse Square. One surprise - the County Board is also pushing for gentrification of garden apartments not on Columbia Pike. (This was confirmed by a conversation with County Planning Staff).

Here is the list of site plans currently on the County Board's, CPHD's, and Economic Development's agenda for the next several years.


Current Site Plans - Pen Place PDSP, Virginia Square Funeral Home, Penzance Clarendon, Clean Technology Center, Rosslyn Gateway, Crimson on Glebe, Crystal Mall 3, Bergmanns Cleaners, Rosenthal FBC

Preliminary Site Plan Filings (Not yet accepted) - Colony House, Rosslyn Plaza

Potential Site Plans - 2401 Wilson Blvd., Wachovia Clarendon, Peck Clarenndon/Courthouse, American Service Center - Harris Teeter, Crystal City Post Office, Court House Metro Block, Crystal Plaza, Shreve Oil East Falls Church.

It's obvious that the County Bord's overall agenda is to proceed with neighborhood by neighborhood redevelopment / gentrification (prefaced by a major rewrite of the County's zoning ordinances) until the entire County is urbanized and in-filled with expensive residential homes, condos, and apartments.