'Libby Garvey Could Care Less About Infrastructure...Check Out Her Own Neighborhood'


Like many Fairlington households, we received an oversized postcard from South Fairlington resident Libby Garvey's campaign. She promised to 'Work to ensure sufficient support for public safety, infrastructure maintenance, etc....'.

Like everything else Libby says and does that statement and others like it are blather from someone who's watched the public infrastructure in her own neighborhood deteriorate.

Fairlington's streets are a mess and we have third world street lighting. Whatever money has gone to fix infrastructure has come because Libby's neighbors hounded the County Board.

In fact, Libby is seldom seen in Fairlington, except on Election Day. She's too busy traveling elsewhere.

Oh, she has big plans for Abingdon School. But we already have two community centers, an increasing volume of traffic, and our streets are becoming so-called 'linear parks'.

Fairlington and the reset of Arlington need our streets paved now, not after the last Taj Mahal elementary school / recreation center / community center is completed, ten years from now.

Libby's been repeatedly asked by Fairlington residents to call the County Board about needed infrastructure maintenance. And she's repeatedly refused.

No way am I going to vote for her on Tuesday.

Here's a photo of the street in her neighborhood.