'Fiscal Responsibility' Wins 9-Month Term On County Board

Congratulations to Fiscal Responsibility, which won a 9-month term on the Arlington County Board today, narrowly edging Lexus Liberal Libby Garvey.

Fiscal Responsibility will enjoy a short tenure on the County Board, until an expected heavily-Democratic vote for Obama-Kaine-Moran in the November elections.

After January 2013, promises made behind-closed-doors to parents and special interests by Libby Garvey during the closing weeks of the March 27th County Board special election will end Fiscal Responsibility's term on the County Board. Libby will support the Pike streetcar and the current County Board's other pet projects and special interests. The cost of Libby's promises made to PTA insiders for elementary sports-recreation-community-education centers alone amounts to more than $300 million.

Libby will defeat Fiscal Responsibility on the County Board in January 2013 by trading hundreds of millions in tax revenue for parent and special interest votes Libby received in the March and November elections.

Thanks to Fiscal Responsibility for running for County Board in today's Special Election.

Linda, 22207