Arlington Republicans Criticize School Board Mismanagement - In Private

Hi Yupette,

I'm a Republican who's fed up with the cozy relationship the Arlington Republican Party has with the Arlington Democratic Party.

Yes, there's a deal whereby hundreds of non-resident students can illegally attend Arlington schools at a cost to taxpayers of $18,400 per student per year. But there's much more waste and mismanagement in the school system that Arlington Republicans know about that you don't.

There is a huge under-utilization of Arlington's school bus system because parents are given tacit encouragement to drive their children to school and pick them up.

Arlington school HVAC systems break down because of inadequate maintenance and the repairs are expensive. Similarly, the cost of operating and maintaining the Oracle-based IT system is huge. A recent system crash cost more than $1 million to fix. The School Board spent extravagantly for custom architectural services for Wakefield HS but could have purchased off-the-shelf architectural plans for significantly less. The County funded a $1 million baseball field for W-L but the School Board is not even talking about the school itself, which is an energy pig that needs a $20 million classroom addition.

If ever a public institution deserved an Inspector General it's the Arlington School System. But until Arlington Republicans stop going along with the program and start being vocal the waste, fraud, and mismanagement will go on.

Eisenhower Republican