Arlington's Fiscal Future - Train Wreck or Major Yearly Tax Increases

Hi Yupette,

Seen how the Arlington County Board intends to spend tax revenue over the next five years? About $550 million for the Columbia Pike and Crystal City streetcar systems. At least $100 million more for Long Bridge Park. Minimum of $250 million for school construction. Then there is an unknown but extravagant amount for new sports, recreation, and entertainment projects. Perhaps another $100 million. That adds up to $1 billion. All new capital construction projects.

Where's the money for maintenance and improvements of existing infrastructure? Where the money for treating stormwater (a big source of Potomac River pollution)? Where's the money for affordable housing that's truly affordable?

Appears we're headed for some big real estate tax increases and fee hikes over the next few years. There is no way the County Board can pursue its own extravagant agenda and keep the County operating without significantly raising taxes.

Thanks for your blog.

Ken 22204