VIP 'Planners' Enjoy Suburban Life in Fairfax County, Impose Massive Urbanization on Arlington

Hey, Yupette,

Driven out to McLean lately? That's where the planners and VIP decision makers who are imposing total urbanization on Arlington County live. No bicycle lanes, no bicycles, no bikeshare stations, everyone drives everywhere. Thousands of acres of fallow farmland available for McMansions (that horse boarding farm a mile up Chain Bridge Road from Arlington is still for sale, by the way).

Ever attended McLean Day? Massive traffic. What a mess. McLean VIPs who are imposing massive urbanization on Arlington love it. Check out the McLean blogs that covered this event on Saturday.

For the record, Arlington's County Manager, Economic Development Director, and Planning Director live in suburban Fairfax County. So do the planners, attorneys, and other key 'decision makers' who are urbanizing Arlington.

What have they learned from the Tysons mess? Massively urbanize a suburban area and then tell everyone to ride bicycles. LOL.

Ken, 22204