The Journey of Buying Your First Car

As some of you who follow me on twitter know, I've begun the search for a car of my very own. For someone who enjoys cars as much as I do this is a truly daunting experience. What should I choose and how do I choose just one!? It's such a difficult thing to get started on because there are an incredible amount of choices, and while choice is good it means sifting through it all takes time. I'm thinking about creating a series on each car I look at compiling all the information from gas mileage to interior quality so you and I can take a look at each of these cars and see if it's a good fit.

I'm not going to look at every car and write a post about it because that would take all my life so I've narrowed it down to what is realistic and what I think I could live with day to day i.e. no sports cars because Winter is very real in Canada and a sports car simply won't do. High performance vehicles will also be ignored because insurance would be unreal, and that's also overlooking gas mileage. I like to think I'm pretty open minded though and if you have a suggestion for me leave it in the comments and you can bet I will take a look at it, who knows if I like it I may even add a post about and it will be on the list of potential candidates. You'll have lots of time for suggestions because I'm not likely to buy in the immediate future (unless I get some crazy deal or the win the lottery*).

*I don't even play the lottery.