2012 Honda Civic Car

The Honda Civic looks much as it had in the past six years, but when you look from every angle, you will see some subtle differences for the year 2012. Take the hood line, for example. It has been extended somewhat, although the front part of the Civic was rather narrow. In fact, the hood appears to be more to the front end which helps of a fully functioning air inlet which the grating quite low supply flows. On the sides are wings and front bumper and lighting modules, which were also in the line wings fared integrated hood.

The wings are the body lines in column A and can easily match the angle of the hood. The front fenders are good in the lines, the integrated transport through the flaps for the front and rear passengers.

Overall, the Civic was not significantly affected, or the course of 2012 and cooling side of the front end seems to have a little more, the lines of the roof line of the vehicle through the rear window and rounded by the short tail. The rear axle is also well integrated into the design, since the back light modules, the design will be bound into a functional whole. In addition, rear bumper, the line of the vehicle will be built completed in 2012 as a whole.

The Civic range that are actually taken as a whole car line into consideration, and is divided into four main categories, the LX, EX and EX-L Si addition to the dull, if any is powered Civic at the same 1.8-liter -four, an average of 38 mpg on the highway and returns about 26 in the city. The hybrid uses the same plant that also works when in tandem with the Honda system for the intelligent control system to determine if the charging system must be activated when the batteries of the hybrid system is slightly lower or when the engine and electric motor are necessary to You get the car up to speed, which is actually the fuel consumption is lower than the hybrid Civic LX.
With the exception of the special wheel / tire package and transmission standard that is different when the rest of the line (an aggressively tuned automatic transmission is available in six courses), packages of tires and wheels for Honda Civic are the same.

Inside, Honda has managed to retain its comfortable armchairs and support. There is more leg room for front hair and shoulders and, when equipped with an electrically adjustable seat, it is very easy to find a comfortable position behind the steering wheel position. The two-tier design of the control panel, where the speed is displayed in front of the driver, on one level while the engine speed and other information are displayed on another level still take some time to be used s' to.

The design team has always been a nice, short-haul transmission standard designed for Honda and 2012 is no different. It can be a bit notchy, as you hunt for the setting again, but think you just have to remember that it is below, and press down the right and you're done, if you have a six-speed drive and push it down and bottom right. The Jets are commendable short and the gear in the corresponding passage in the power curve of the engine just long enough. This motor will always run a flexible and robust than 8 seconds from 0 to 60, depending on the speed with which you can transfer or the best mix.

Transmission is in the direction of fuel so a six-speed automatic overdrive is used is aligned.

The head and legs of the rear seat seem to agree, even if the central passenger of the sedan to five passengers feel cheated that the seat cushion is a bit thin.

And as if to show an aging clientele, the Civic handles more like a car more than a little.

Overall, however, the 2012 Civic nice refinement of a vehicle to shake the many heads as he caused arrived in 2006. Improvements for 2012 are very nice and work well with the contour defined Honda.