Economy Sedans of 2012 - Get Top Fuel

There are very few cars, the 2012 offers better fuel economy. In fact, the typical port of the fuel consumption limit on most cars to grow each year. Most hybrid cars offer great fuel economy, but car owners often do not care for hybrid cars because of their slightly higher prices.

Let's look at some of the most effective standard sedans from 2012 and thus help you choose an efficient vehicle for your family research.

2012 Sonata:
Automotive OEMs such as Hyundai and Kia came with some of the most economical vehicles and energy-efficient in recent years. The Sonata is one of those cars that are at the beginning of the collection of fuel efficient cars of 2012. Sonata has a 2.4 liter, 184 hp from you. The car is about 24 miles per gallon miles from the city and use 35 kilometers of highway mpg on the highway, which helps make it more energy efficient design in 2012.

Kia Optima:
The Optima is another economy car by Korean automaker Kia. 2012 Optima is not fuel economy, only better, but also offers several other features for a good budget range of $ 20,000. This vehicle has been through a complete reorganization was again this year and became an instant hit with car enthusiasts because of the stylish exterior and internal attributes that you can offer excellent value. The Optima offers 2.4-liter 200 hp with the consumption of 24 mpg city and 35 mpg on highway roads.

2012 Camry
Camry is known for its characteristics of stability, control and reliability. The Camry does exactly the same benefits of the Toyota Camry with a higher efficiency and style. The car is spacious, big and cool. The Camry Standard has given more than 4 cylinders, 178 hp. The car has a normal consumption of 25 mpg and 35 mpg for city and highway driving or car. The initial value of the Camry is $ 22,000, making it a very fine value for people who try, are a popular brand of vehicle to find cheap.

Volkswagen Passat
The 2012 Volkswagen Passat comes with the same turbo-diesel engine, which can be seen on some other models of Volkswagen. The car has 140 hp and good mileage. The fuel economy of 23 mpg typical VW Passat is for the city and 31 mpg on the highway travel. However, the VW Passat is actually a relatively expensive vehicle of its kind. It is listed at $ 26,000, making it more expensive compared to a couple of good hybrids. Alternatively, VW Passat fantastic luxury and ease that makes her a very attractive car for Volkswagen enthusiasts.

2012 models in detail above, are really worth considering if you are interested in an affordable vehicle with low fuel consumption. Their final choice depends on your own at home and other personal preferences. And if you buy a car within the next year or two to think, then they are the best cars for 2012's in terms of fuel consumption.