Chris Zimmerman's Legacy to the Pike: A Streetcar Named Disaster

Hello, Yupette:

I did extensive Web searches on "Streetcar Accidents", "Streetcar Bicycle Accidents", and "Streetcar Tracks Accidents" and it appears there are thousands of accidents and injuries every year in the United States and Canada alone when pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles of all types are involved in collisions with streetcars and streetcar tracks.

Best I can estimate there would be one fatality per year and hundreds of accidents and injuries if a streetcar system were constructed on the Pike. I don't see any discussion anywhere (except here) of the human costs arising from constructing a streetcar system on the Pike.

Why should we all suffer because of one person's inflated ego? Streetcars are the WORST transit option, by far, for Columbia Pike.

Pike Rider
Barcroft Apts.