Pike Streetcar Accidents Would Cost $15-$20 Million Per Year


A.Y. did a survey of streetcar systems and accidents around the United States and Canada. Yes, there are thousands of accidents involving streetcars and streetcar tracks and motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, mopeds, scooters, and other 2-wheeled vehicles.

Based upon the types of accidents we found, it appears that accidents involving a Pike streetcar system would cost between $15 and $20 million per year for injuries and property damage.

It was disconcerting to find how expensive streetcar accidents are. Streetcars typically demolish subcompact autos. Streetcars seriously damage larger vehicles and often derail after impact. Bicyclists often suffer serious head trauma when their bicycles encounter streetcar tracks at speed.

Where was the discussion of the costs of streetcar accidents in the so-called 'alternatives analysis' of Pike transit options? Streetcars on the Pike would be by far the most costly transit option. Why is this option going forward?