It's a Regime. Why Should They Care How Many People Are Killed and Injured by Streetcars and Tracks?

Hi, Yupette,

Arlington County is run by a one-party political machine that's been in power for more than 30 years. County Board is fixated on its pet projects and could care less about the consequences. Local media won't provide information about streetcar alternatives, much less discuss the hazards of streetcars and streetcar tracks.

Almost ALL Arlington's decision makers are near or at retirment age. Most don't live in Arlington. What do THEY care if you slip, break your arm, and suffer a concussion crossing wet slippery tracks on your bicycle?

Zimmerman et. al., don't care anymore. They're so bad that they're creating a transportation "system" where non-residents get to commute to Arlington, one to a vehicle and Arlington residents get to walk and ride bicycles everywhere, four seasons a year.  How dumb is that?