County Must Prepare for Serious Streetcar and Streetcar Track Accidents

Hello Yupette,

I  searched 'streetcar accidents' and 'streetcar bicycle accidents" on the Internet. It's obvious there will be many serious accidents involving streetcars and streetcar tracks on the Pike, and in Crystal City if there are at-grade crossings for streets, sidewalks, trails, and so on.

Where is the discussion of additional fire, EMS, and police personnel and equipment that will be required when streetcars share busy streets with vehicles of all kinds? I have seen no discussion thus far during the County Board's work sessions with its corporate transportation cronies..

This is what we get from having Zimmerman and Hynes on the County Board. Zimmerman didn't care about safety when he was on the WMATA Board and Hynes doesn't care about safety now, or Metrorail wouldn't be running overcrowded trains through the Orange-Blue Line Potomac tunnel, which should have been double-tracked a decade ago.

Last thing we need is streetcars and tracks in Arlington. What we need is a federal grand jury looking at how the County Board and its corporate transportation and developer cronies totally corrupted the public transit evaluation process for the Pike and Crystal City.

Jerry, 22204