Epidemic of Streetcar-Related Injuries Continues

Hello, Yupette,

Thanks for your blog. I absolutely oppose spending anymore money on Zimmerman's ridiculous streetcar system.

A few weeks I visited San Diego to attend a conference about preventing epidemics. You will be interested to know that there is an epidemic of streetcar-related injuries in San Diego. If you search the Web you'll find the same is occurring in Portland and other cities where in-fill development and re-development are occurring. There are too many vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists packed into too small an area. Then streetcar tracks and streetcars are added. Recipe for serious accidents and injuries involving streetcars and streetcar tracks. Perhaps streetcar safety programs are preventing some accidents. But too many people are being encouraged to buy and ride bicycles everywhere, whether they want to obey the rules of the road or not. Same thing with pedestrians and, to some extent,  motor vehicles.

It appears the people elected to promote our best interests could care less about who is hurt by streetcars and streetcar tracks. That's why the law firms that represent streetcar-related accident victims are thriving.

Kathy, 22205