A Car Accident - What To Do

Even the best drivers and more defensive could be in a car accident. It can be a little mishap Sun scratched a bumper or worse, slightly menacing. When accidents happen, the most important thing to do first in order to stay calm and not panic. Keep your cool, you can think clearly, so that you do the right thing. It also helps if you keep an emergency kit in the glove compartment.
Assessment of the situation
Check to see if someone was injured, the other driver / s, passengers, pedestrians, and first aid and basic life support, if you can. Call your emergency hotline respective medical care. Turn on your hazard lights and set your warning triangle or cone for traffic warning. Notify the police, which is important, especially if someone is injured and he suffered extensive damage to property. The police can help you assess the situation and call for quick medical care. Be careful. Name of the policeman and the base station for your reference

Important Information
Armed with the other driver (s) will not solve anything, it is better to settle the matter objectively obvious. Get the details of the other driver (s). You can ask for their license to verify the information and be able to see it to copy. Aside from their name, address and phone number, note the drive information (make, model, license plate color) of the car they. It is also advisable to identify witnesses to the accident and contact information. The policeman at the scene this information, but when the officer came, he saw, who could leave the accident have to do it quickly.

Take photos of the accident from all angles and possible damage. From these vehicles Make a note to remember what happened, especially if the agent will take your statement.

File the accident report
Depending on your memory of what happened, make a report of a car accident to the police station in your area. A police officer can help you to do this, and if the other driver is cooperative, the declaration of his are considered. A police report completed insurance claims and to expedite the process.

Call the insurance
Notify your insurance company immediately, on the spot, if possible, or later, when you submit the accident report. In some cases, it is preferable that you talk to your insurance agent to the police with you, so that the agent sees the situation as a whole and because the police may be able to expose more of the incident arrives clearly and without bias you. Do not turn the accident to your insurance information unnecessary delay your application may be rejected.

The most important thing to do when you are in a car accident is to stay calm. People who are easily angered not remember to get plates or even first if anyone was injured. In addition, the security priority of practical safety measures at the site so as not to cause an accident.