Fisette, Domestic Partner, Made Millions from 'Pay to Play'

Hey Yupette,

Thanks for revealing some of the self-enrichment activities Chris Zimmerman is engaged in. But what about Jay Fisette? He and his domestic partner made millions from 'pay to play'. According to Jay's most recent financial interest statement, Jay's total income amounts to his $49,000 County Board salary. No mention of Jay's domestic partner, Rob Rosen, and Rob's consulting firm, Healthy Companies International.

Jay and Rob live an extravagant lifestyle, based on Rob Rosen's income. Healthy Companies International's client list reads like a Who's Who of for-profits and non-profits that come before the Arlington County Board looking for gimmes, Boeing, Dominion, and Vornado, to name a few. No mention of any "pay to play" activities in Jay's financial disclosure statement. In fact, no mention of Rob Rosen and Healthy Companies International at all.

Whatever Chris Zimmerman is up to with his "consulting" in Quebec is nickel and dime stuff compared to what Jay and Rob are into. Thanks for your blog.

2100 too