Memo from County Board: Party's Over Here Next Weekend

Hey Yupette,

Did you hear the testimony by ordinary Arlington residents, taxpayers, and voters at tonight's County Board Budget Hearing? Pretty sobering. What's the response of the County Board going to be (with the exception of Libby Garvey)?  Here it is, direct from the C.Z. Public Information Team in the County Manager's Office:

"Party's Over Here with C.Z. (pictured left-center) on the M/V Minnow II in Newport News next weekend. Contact your Precinct Controller for details about the Pay-to-Play Extravaganza of the decade in Newport News. We still have a few $10,000 Sponsorships available. Don't miss out on your neighborhood development and redevelopment opportunity of the decade. For an extra $5,000 we'll include an automatic transfer-of-development rights from North Arlington to South Arlington. For another $5,000 we'll allow you to exempt your upscale condo in-fill redevelopment from having to build that nasty affordable housing on-site. Contact your Precinct Controller or the County Board Office about arranging Sponsorships".

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