Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DID 4WD GX4 - First Ride Review

The third generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander, now. Few weeks of its launch in the UK A complete road test is in order, as a test group - one in light of the avalanche of new models, if you had to choose a £ 30k purchase this SUV winter. Or any of that - Whether the 2013 Toyota RAV4, the new Ford Kuga, Honda CRV last year and the Hyundai Santa Fe, you can be sure that we crown a new class champion coach before long.

But everything seemed to enjoy the chance of a start to the Outlander in the specification of the market in the UK and right-disk. Not on British roads, more the pity, but at least on surfaces rather say, how could this mid-sized seven-seater even make changes here.
How is it?
There is no obvious ergonomic gaffes on this car. He does not expect to develop something in Japan, but when some European competitors come with the handbrake moved strange and reduces glove box, it is worth applauding a good job, if you find one.

Although much improved, the cabin of the Outlander least one game for many Europeans on material wealth or upscale atmosphere, but the faithful will probably prefer the car business as: functional, intact, but still comfortable and sturdy. We agree with them. The "open book" fascia is modern and open, accents and devices feel solid.

There is no such thing as a chassis configuration on a UK Mitsubishi, unlike other brands Far Eastern cars get UK European common chassis height. A proven back-to-back Outlander Japanese market than the euro are much more resistant to those roll, but offer little in terms of compliance commendable turn.

The new Outlander is certainly one of the most comfortable SUV class, just like the old one. He has contributed a new front subframe double the arms in the multilink rear end and new high mast up front, and all seem to be the peace and tranquility that inhabits the cabin.

The car is not really achievements are remarkable, and it will not tempt people away from Ford and BMW X3 Kugas on the driver's intervention. Although it accurately controls and accelerates quickly, there is little to arouse your interest here. You turn the wheel or a pedal that responds flex car - not very fast, strong and with much in the way of character, but with consistency and reliability, and not to take a dislike. Mechanical refinement is good, wind noise and road seem well contained.
Should I buy?
Maybe - but chances are most people do not even consider the car. In a class filled with fresh metal, "comfortable" and "competent" is probably not sufficient to create an interest for the Outlander. Especially when those eyes, the style of car drifted apart for him.

We will not take the effort quite respectable, but especially at this early stage. Mitsubishi has done a decent job here, and made sure that one of the main models, but not the remains unresolved, the less competitive. Those who know this car at the end of this relatively high rate - and so they probably should.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DID 4WD GX4
Price: € 30,000 (to be confirmed), 0-62mph: 9.7sec, top speed: 124 mph (tbc) Economy: 50.4mpg (tbc) CO2: 146g/km (est) Curb Weight: 1590 kg Type engine (est.) cc: 4cyls online, 2268cc, turbo diesel Power: 148bhp at 3500rpm, torque: 6-speed manual: 280 pounds ft at 1750-2500rpm, speed.