"Arlington Voter Registrar's Office Doesn't Control Democratic Caucuses - Chris Zimmerman Does"

Hi Yupette,

I called the Arlington Voter Registrar's Office yesterday and asked to speak with Linda Lindberg about the fraudulent voting in last Saturday's Democratic School Board caucus. Linda was in a meeting but one of her staff told me that "the Voter Registrar's Office has nothing to do with Democratic Party caucuses, we've heard these complaints before, the Arlington Voter Registrar's Office doesn't control Democratic Caucuses - Chris Zimmerman does".

All right. So here's a few questions for Mr. Zimmerman: How did we reach point where the election process for a non-partisan office involves obtaining votes from surrogates and non-residents to insure your candidate "wins"? Why did your caucus "facilitator" threaten to have members of the Green Party, who were passing out information about their housing initiative, arrested for trespassing on public property, a parking lot? Why do you tell Arlington Democrats that Democrats who insist on running in a primary rather than a caucus "will never be appointed to anything"? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Another Fed-Up Democrat