NSF Employees - "Ballston is Run Down and Tacky"

Hey, Yupette,

Want to know a big reason NSF is moving to Alexandria? Ballston is looking run down and the funds needed for fixing up the crumbling streets, brick-paver sidewalks, improve street lighting, and improve landscaping are going to the Artisphere, Signature, bikeshare, and a dozen other of the County Board's pet vanity projects. The County is giving $1.5 million to the Ballston BID every year, which is largely spent on public relations, and another $8 million this year for structural improvements to the Ballston Mall parking garage, which the County owns, to benefit the Washington Capitals practice arena. So the area around NSF is looking increasingly run-down. Check it out yourself. Watch out for the potholes on Wilson Blvd and the crumbling brick-paver sidewalks all over Ballston.