Top Most Reliable Japanese Cars

Buyers who are interested in buying a product are usually information about the product they were looking look. For example, those who are interested in buying a new gadget as a test of smartphones would look reports, and those planning to buy a new or used car is a top ten list of Japanese cars consult the most reliable so they have an idea of ​​the best models to buy. If you are a part of that group of people, you're in luck because we have exactly that.

Japanese vehicles always have the top spots reliability and consumer surveys conducted in the vehicle. We took information from Consumer Reports Annual Survey reliability cars and JD Power and Associates' Initial Quality Study is to come up with this top ten list to you. When selecting, models the most reliable cars on the market
Honda Fit - Considered by Consumer Reports used for the best small car, this little machine has the mean punch when it comes to fuel economy and overall value for money. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is driving one, and he trusted to fit around him, maybe you should too!
Toyota Prius - More than the reputation of the first mass production hybrid, it is also Consumer Reports "best family used because of its hybrid car technology, it is also considered one of the most fuel-efficient cars of the planet ..
Acura TL - This model has received high marks in both the JD Power & Associates and Consumer Reports for the long-term durability and high praise for its elegant design and enviable.
Toyota Sienna - The Sienna deserves to be the most reliable Japanese cars in the top ten list, because if you want something that can accommodate more than five people, but handles like a car, can the Sienna is the ultimate for you.
Toyota Highlander - The Highlander is undoubtedly the best in medium and large SUV class. The redesign in 2008 gave him more space in the cabin, economic engine and four wheel drive.
Honda CR-V - Honda takes first place when it comes to the small SUV class. The CR-V is certainly a favorite of consumers, and its owner can testify to the powerful four-cylinder engine of 2.4 liters and a great overall performance.
Lexus ES - A list of the top ten most reliable Japanese cars is incomplete without a luxury car. If you give a smooth and elegant, without wanting to have your savings, Lexus ES 350 is considered the best in its class. Based on the 3.5-liter V6 engine of the Camry is sure to take as many meetings as you can handle.
Mazda MX-5 Miata - A look at the Miata and you learn, carefree, dream walks up and down the beach, or to show your stuff on the runway. This bright little roadster is considered the best sports car you can buy on a budget.
Honda Accord - The Agreement is a staple favorite among consumers for its durability and energy efficiency. It also has a higher a car, so resale value. A first choice for a new car
Toyota Corolla - Corolla embodies what it means to be a Japanese car: safe, efficient and reliable fuel. He is the owner of the best-selling car in the world and would swear by its ability to simply continue. This may seem boring, but hey, this is definitely one of the top ten most reliable Japanese cars.