Future Zimmerman-Baird Mega-Development Will be Devastating for our Kids

Wake Up Parents !

Four more years of Chris Zimmerman's and Sally Baird' development for the sake of development would be DEVASTATING for our children. The schools in many residential neighborhoods that are at capacity now would be seriously overcrowded. Our kids would be in danger walking to and from school from another big increase in traffic. Even worse, Chris and Sally want to make our kids ride bicycles to and from school on broken streets and through traffic. The "Smart Growth" Chris and Sally imposed on our suburban county was a bad idea. We are being overwhelmed. They didn't even try preserve more real open space, just use the County's bloated PR Machine to tell us that traffic islands are parks. And use our schools as recreation centers for everyone in Northern Virginia, while student performance is getting worse. We can't afford four more years of Chris Zimmerman and Sally Board. Our kids' lives are way way more important than the profits of the real estate trusts they cater to.

Susan - 22206