School Board, Media, Are Dishonest About School System's Performance

Hi Yupette,

Do you want to know how much the Arlington School System spends to educate 21,000 children? You have to wade through 20 pages of self-congratulatory PR on the School System's budget Web site to discover the School Board will spend $452 million to educate 21,000 children in FY 2011. That's $21,500 per child.

We read press release after press release from the Arlington School System printed by the newspapers with data that are untruthful. The students are being manipulated by the School Board to make the School System look better than it is. Did you know that students who are not interested in going to college were told not to bother taking the SAT tests? Wonder why SAT scores rose this year?

Wake up Parents. We have been repeatedly deceived by the Arlington School Board and a bloated school bureaucracy that increases class size, cuts teachers and instructional assistants, and promotes the personal agendas of School Board members. We can only expect more of the same if Sally Baird is re-elected.

Linda, Arlington Ridge