ASPAN Should Not Manage A New Homeless Treatment / Prevention Program

Hi Yupette,

Happy Thanksgiving. Another Thanksgiving where we overfeed the homeless only to ignore them the rest of the year.

I'm all for a new homeless treatment / prevention facility. I don't want ASPAN running it. Their name says it all. Arlington Street People's Assistance Network.

This keeping the homeless homeless has gone hand in hand with Yuppieism and Gentrification. It's completely irresponsible to spend tens of millions each year to keep people on the street, and build an ever-larger shelters and an ever-larger bureaucracy to manage "street people".

If the County Board of Recreation, Entertainment, and Gentrification ever decides to fund a new homeless treatment / prevention facility it should look for an organization that drastically reduces homelessness to run the program.

Kathy - 22204