Fisette Ordered County Staff to Promote Artisphere's December 4th Gay-Lesbian 'Kiss and Hug'

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

I am employed at the Artisphere and I was under the impression that the Artisphere is for ALL Arlingtonians.

I was shocked when County Board Chairman, Jay Fisette, ordered us to promote AGLA's December 4th 'Kiss and Hug' Gala at the Artisphere. It appears that Mr. Fisette wants to make the Artisphere into a Gay-Lesbian nightclub.

That's not all. I was told the other day the the reason there's been no philanthropy to take the Artisphere private is because the County Board wants PRCR to continue to run the Artisphere indefinitely, so as to use Artisphere events to promote the County Board's pet interests.

How's about that for sleaziness?

Anon. Artisphere Employee