County Board / Fisette Use Citizens, Advisory Groups, Civic Associations, Like Allergy Sufferers Use Facial Tissue

Hello Ms. Yupette,

I volunteered for one of the County Board's / Jay Fisette's citizen advisory groups. Bad move on my part. It's obvious that Jay and the County Board use Arlington's citizens, advisory groups, and civic associations the way allergy sufferers use facial tissue. Either the agenda is rigged to produce the results Gentrification Jay, aka Gourmet Jay, aka Giveaway Jay and the County Board desire. Or, the selection of citizens who serve reflects Jay's and the County Board's priorities. Or both. A Lose-Lose for Arlington citizens and taxpayers. Next year, another advisory group or committee composed of more gullible citizens. How did I come to my senses? Someone who was used and abused by Jay Fisette and the County Board ten years ago told me what I'd gotten into. Please, Please, don't let yourselves be lured into being shills for Jay Fisette and the County Board's self-serving agenda.