Fairlington Citizens Tell CivFed - Fairlington Citizens Assoc. Doesn't Represent Us

Dear Arlington Yupette,

I and others in our group, Better Fairlington, e-mailed the Civic Federation yesterday. We don't want the Fairlington Citizens Association, Inc. representing us, nor do we want the Fairlington-Shirlingtion NCC representative (appointed by the FCA) representing us.

There is entirely too much micro-managing of our lives by this organization. This organization also engages in other inappropriate activities in and around Fairlington - the FCA's ongoing feud with Shirlington restaurant owners being the most embarrassing.

Almost all of us are college graduates and our lives are already governed by County ordinances and condominium regulations. We don't need or want another organization that claims it knows what's best for us making us follow its often-irrational agenda.

Best regards,