County Board Reportedly Helping Fairlington Civic Association Extort Shirlington Restaurant Owners

Hello, Yupette,

Did you know what all the fuss was about today and last Saturday at the County Board Meeting concerning awnings, music, and seating at Shirlington Village restaurants? Well, it's like this. For years the Fairlington Citizens Association Incorporated (the civic association in Fairlington) has been trying to extort Shirlington restaurants into placing expensive full-page ads in the FCA's monthly newsletter. And the restaurant owners have repeatedly said - no way. So about 5 years ago the FCA's leadership hit upon the bright idea of making constant complaints against the restaurant owners for noise, seating, and other petty violations until the restaurant owners capitulated. Latest twist involves Chris Zimmerman ratcheting up the pressure on the restaurant owners in return for the FCA's support and contributions to Boss Zimmerman's recent campaign. Of course Fairlington is a half-mile from Shirlington See how rotten these local pols and their ward heelers can be?