Pike, EFC Projects - 'Development for the Sake of Development' Pushed by County Board, Planners, REITs, 'Community Leaders'

Hello Yupette,

I attended the East Falls Church planning forum yesterday. My son, who lives near Bailey's Crossroads, attended the Columbia Pike Planning forum at Godwin House.

It's clear that these projects are 'development for the sake of development' pushed by the Arlington County Board, real estate trusts and developers, the County's bloated planning staff that's looking for more projects to justify its existence, and the County Board's pet 'community leaders'.

These were more charade forums where the affected residents are not allowed to ask questions or make comments, only submit written comments - for the record.

Sad, sad, sad to see massive development imposed on suburban neighborhoods that only want the basics upgraded and better public services, like streets paved and modern street lighting installed.

Larry - 22205