Achtung, Ost Wasserfall Kirch Behohemer !!!

(English Translation)

Attention East Falls Church Residents,

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, the Arlington County Board of Reitsministers will commence an attack on Communist Elements and Partisans who oppose the redevelopment of the Ost Wasserfall Kirch (East Falls Church) area. The attack will be ccordinated by SS Obergroup Commandant Nancy Von Hunt, Commander of the successful battle against the Shirlington Communist and Partisan resistance against REIT FRIT.

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !!! You must conform to the orders of the lawfully constituted REIT that will control your Ost Wasserfall Kirch community. Resistors will be apprehended by the Arlington SS Polezi and treated in the same manner the SS Polizei treats homeless persons.

By order of:

Kristof Von Zimmerman
Reitsfuhrer and Reitsminister of Transportation