Favola, Donellan, Walsh,Colucci Twisting Community Leaders Arms Over Marymount-O'Connell Deal

Hi Yupette,

FYI, Marymount's Chief Lobbyist Barbara Favola (who reportedly lives in Lyon Village) and non-County resident County Manager Barbara Donnellan are busy twisting arms of EFC and Williamsburg "Community Leaders" to get them to agree to a deal whereby they allow our residential neighborhood to be destroyed by traffic and noise from the proposed Marymount-O'Connell Sports Complex. This is similar to what they did to the neighborhoods around Crystal City last year to get the "Community Leaders" to sign on to the REITs' redevelopment of Crystal City. The activity is being facilitated by the Walsh,Colucci law firm, whose managing partners, Martin and Nan Walsh, live in McLean, and were responsible for the ongoing Federal Realty-Shirlington traffic and parking fiasco. It appears that this item will be deferred until March (it's up for discussion at Saturday's County Board meeting).

It's obvious to me that the Arlington County Board could care less about the right of EFC and Williamsburg residents to have peace an quiet in their homes and neighborhoods, and is only interested in another deal for another special interest group. Of course, as usual, they will not suffer the consequences of their actions. Barbara Favola spent millions of dollars of scarce tax dollars moving DHS headquarters out of her neighborhood so she would not have poor people in her neighborhood.

Mike - East Falls Church