Arlington is Anti Knowledge, Learning, Science

Hello Yupette,

I am appalled by the lack of interest in renovating the Planetarium. Planetary Science has become a hot field at NASA over the past 15 years. Isn't the First Lady of Arlington, Mrs. Zimmerman, employed by NASA? You would think that NASA headquarters employees who live in Arlington would be delighted to take the lead in renovating the Planetarium.

But it's not just the Planetarium. Arlington County Government is anti-knowledge and anti-learning. There is always plenty of money for sports and recreation, but branch library hours are cut back and branch libraries are constantly threatened with closure. Moreover, about 80% of what's on branch library shelves is fiction.

There is little or no discussion about what's happening elsewhere - whether it's on-site solar or MAGLEV trains. Arlington is a knowledge and learning backwater. Anyone else notice that we seem to be stuck in 1985?

Kristine - 22206