Time to Sue the REITs, County Government, Law Firms, "Community Leaders" for Destroying Neighborhoods

Hello, Yupette,

I just saw the latest so-called "planning" that County Planning Staff (and they don't live in Arlington) proposes to inflict on East Falls Church. Another Shirlington. Just as former County Manager Mike Brown predicted. Another "plaza" that will serve as a "gathering place" for the thousands of new EFC in-fill residents who will overwhelm our schools, playgrounds, parks, and streets. No new open space for parks. The Marymount-O'Connell steal is a harbinger of the gradual destruction of EFC and Williamsburg by the County Board and the REITs, led by "Reitsfuhrer" Zimmerman.

Time to sue the REITs, County Goverment, Attorneys representing the REITs, and County Board-appointed so-called "Community Leaders" for aiding and abetting the destruction of our quiet suburban neighborhoods.

What the hell are we, anyway? Suburban neighborhoods or "mega-infill development opportunities" for out-of-state REITS? Who do Zimmerman and the County Board actually represent? Not us, obviously.

EFC Homeowner