Favola Lobbying for Marymount-O'Connell, Ignores EFC-Williamsburg Neighborhood

Hello, Yupette,

I was very unhappy to learn last night that Barbara Favola is doing everything possible to get our neighborhoods to go along with her employer, Marymount University's, efforts to destroy my neighborhood (I live close to Bishop O'Connell High School) with team sports played until 11 PM on lighted fields at Bishop O'Connell. Barbara is reportedly being paid $100,000 per year by Marymount to be it's chief lobbyist and is constantly on the telephone and in meetings either at Marymount or at the County Board offices with Walsh-Colucci, which represents Marymount, or with EFC and Williamsburg "community leaders". Only time Barbara is ever seen in my neighborhood is when she's running for re-election and she's looking for votes.

We are not Longbridge Park (where Barbara also made a deal with the County to benefit Marymount). We are a residential neighborhood and want to remain one. If Barbara wants to be a full-time lobbyist for Marymount it's time for her to resign from the County Board.

Mark - Tuckahoe